AIL Framework version 4.1 released with a new investigation/case handling, improved MISP export and many improvements

Mar 14, 2022 • adulau

AIL Framework version 4.1 released with new investigation/case handling, improved MISP export and many improvements.

Investigation in AIL

The major new functionality is the investigation handling in AIL. An analyst can now easily create investigation where any objects from AIL can be added. This helps an analyst to build collection or cases to work on. The integration allows to export it as a standard MISP event.

Support for Jabber/XMPP

AIL has been extended to support Jabber/XMPP addresses. The source feeder just need to submit the keys such as jabber:to, jabber:from, jabber:ts, jabber:id. An example feeder is available. The new feature can be used to inject existing leak or stream from XMPP/Jabber server. As an example, the Conti leak can be easily injected into AIL and show automatically all correlations between users.

Many bugs were fixed.

The complete changelog can be seen below.

v4.1 (2022-03-11)


  • [flask] updated. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
  • [flask] requirements for higher version of flask. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
  • [v4.1] add Investigation with MISP Export + v4.1 update. [Terrtia]
  • [Telegram module] refactor module + fix str format. [Terrtia]


  • [Investigation] edit misp event + add misp instance url. [Terrtia]
  • [Investigation] fix MISP Export + UI sidebar. [Terrtia]
  • [UI inestigations] add items link. [Terrtia]
  • [UI inestigations] add objects link. [Terrtia]
  • [telegram launcher] [Terrtia]
  • [items] abstract class. [Terrtia]
  • [Investigation] UI sidebar. [Terrtia]
  • [v4.1] fix ardb # tracking DB. [Terrtia]
  • [username] user icon. [Thirion Aurélien]
  • [Term tracker] fix item date. [Terrtia]
  • [Telegram module] fix launcher. [Terrtia]
  • [pybgpranking] package install. [Terrtia]
  • [popper install] rename popper repository. [Terrtia]

  • [UI] remove update note. [Terrtia]
  • [trackers] fix get_all_items_sources. [Terrtia]
  • [crawler] fix is_splash_manager_connected #133. [Terrtia]


  • Merge branch ‘master’ of [Terrtia]
  • Merge pull request #139 from gallypette/jabber-feeder. [Thirion Aurélien] add: [username] jabber support
  • Add: [username] jabber support. [Jean-Louis Huynen]
  • Merge branch ‘master’ of [Terrtia]
  • Create [Alexandre Dulaunoy]