AIL Framework version 4.2 released including typo squatting tracker, improved AIL2AIL sync, zerobinz fetcher and many bugs fixed

Jul 16, 2022 • adulau

AIL Framework version 4.2 has been released including:

  • A new tracker for tracking potential typo squatted domains. This feature relies on the new ail-typo-squatting library which can be also used outside of AIL framework. This contribution is from @DavidCruciani
  • Many improvement and bugs fixed for the AIL2AIL sync. A huge thanks to @aaronkaplan from EU Directorate-General for Informatics (DIGIT) for support and tests during the long debugging sessions.
  • A new module for zerobinz to create an immediate crawler request if a zerobinz link appears in an item. The module can be used for other services with ephemeral content. Thanks to @gallypette for the contribution and the improvement ideas.
  • A new hosts detection module has been introduced.
  • Multiple bugs were fixed.

Detailed Changes

  • [Tracker} Tracker_Typo_Squatting. [David Cruciani]

  • [v4.2] add v4.2 update. [Terrtia]

  • [investigation] fix investigation by user + delete an obj from all investigation. [Terrtia]

  • [install vitualenv] remove travis env. [Terrtia]

  • [Retro Hunt] add logs. [Terrtia]

  • [Retro Hunt] add logs. [Terrtia]

  • [Retro Hunt] add logs. [Terrtia]

  • [AIL2AIL Sync] update exchange format. [Terrtia]

  • [AIL2AIL Sync] update exchange format. [Terrtia]

  • [add Hosts module] [Terrtia]

  • [sync module] debug. [Terrtia]

  • [sync client] debug. [Terrtia]

  • [websockets client] bind client ip. [Terrtia]

  • [websocket server] add host and port config. [Terrtia]

  • [telegram importer] add username correlation. [Terrtia]

  • [UI subtype objs] get obj by subtype + name. [Terrtia]

  • [misp export] add username. [Terrtia]


  • [typosquatting] remove unused import. [Thirion Aurélien]

  • [tracker] clean import. [Thirion Aurélien]

  • [tracker term] fix typosquatting key. [Thirion Aurélien]

  • [Typo] tracker typo. [David Cruciani]

  • [tracker] UI for other than typosquat. [David Cruciani]

  • [typo] UI. [David Cruciani]

  • [Language] fix cld3 import. [Terrtia]

  • [launcher] kill AIL_2_AIL screen. [Terrtia]

  • [cld3] enable cld3. [Terrtia]

  • [cld3 python3.10] temp disable cld3. [Terrtia]

  • [launcher] remove Travis test. [Terrtia]

  • [Retro Hunt] item directory. [Terrtia]

  • [Retro Hunt] item directory. [Terrtia]

  • [Retro Hunt] fix item directory. [Terrtia]

  • [AIL exchange mime-type] [Terrtia]

  • [Hosts module] module + launcher. [Terrtia]

  • [abstract module] exception traceback #145. [Terrtia]

  • [ui tag selector] force custom tags. [Terrtia]

  • [installer] remove old tor install. [Terrtia]

  • [sync module] fix redis tag queue. [Terrtia]

  • [sync module] fix tags filter. [Terrtia]

  • [sync client] debug. [Terrtia]

  • [sync client] debug. [Terrtia]

  • [sync module] debug. [Terrtia]

  • [websockets client] fix client bind. [Terrtia]

  • [websockets] remove size limit. [Terrtia]

  • [UI subtype objs] fix form. [Terrtia]

  • [misp config] https. [Thirion Aurélien]


  • Merge pull request #147 from ail-project/typo. [Thirion Aurélien]

    Integration of the typo-squatting tracker

  • Fix; [set tracker] missing function. [Thirion Aurélien]

  • Merge branch ‘master’ into typo. [David Cruciani]

  • Add: [tracker] typo-squatting. [David Cruciani]

  • Merge branch ‘master’ of [Terrtia]

  • Merge pull request #146 from gallypette/master. [Thirion Aurélien]

    add: [modules] zerobinz

  • Add: [modules] zerobinz. []

  • Merge branch ‘master’ of [Terrtia]