AIL framework 5.3 released with chat explorer, Discord and Telegram monitoring, automatic translation, new features and various bugs fixed

Feb 13, 2024 • Team CIRCL

AIL Framework 5.3 - Chat correlation with User-Name and other User Metadata AIL Framework 5.3 - Archive of Chat session into AIL with overview of message, images and emoji

Chat Explorer

The Chat Explorer in AIL v5.3 streamlines chat data analysis. It allows users to easily navigate through messages, threads, and subchannels, offering a straightforward approach to monitoring chat activities and extracting insightful information.

Discord and Telegram chats can now be imported using new importers/feeders:

  • Discord Feeder: Monitors and imports Discord chat data. Learn more
  • Telegram Feeder: Monitors and imports Telegram chat data. Learn more

Future releases will aim to further simplify the import process for other chat platforms. Basic documentation on the JSON format for importing messages is available here.

New Chat Features

AIL v5.3 introduces various new chat features, including:

  • Chat Metadata: Name, username, icon, description, participants, etc.
  • Chat Subchannels
  • Threads in Chats/Subchannels/Messages
  • Emoticons
  • Images in Messages
  • Message Replies
  • User Metadata: Account ID, name, icon, additional info, username, etc.

To address language barriers in chat analysis, AIL v5.3 integrates LibreTranslate, an open-source, self-hosted machine translation tool. This feature allows for the translation of chat messages, facilitating easier analysis and comprehension of conversations in different languages without using external services. The information collected via the different chat are processed in the AIL framework and benefit from all the different analysis modules.

AIL v5.3 enhances the correlation of User Accounts, Chats, Images, and Messages, providing a more integrated view of the data and enabling deeper analytical insights.


For detailed overview of the all the changes, the changelog provides an extensive overview of all the changes.

AIL images in LXD are available as download and can be used directly in production environment.


Development of the AIL framework is co-funded by the European Union CEF program and CIRCL.

The Action will establish a Joint Threat Analysis Network, an open collaboration group of European computer security incident response teams (CSIRTs) with the focus on collecting, sharing and analysis of technical, operational and strategic threat intelligence. The purpose of this collaboration is to combine unique advantages of different teams to obtain comprehensive situational awareness and actionable information to effectively defend constituencies in each Member State, from critical infrastructure operators targeted by state-sponsored actors to individual citizens affected by cybercrime. The main part of the Action addresses gaps in the Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) tooling that is currently used by the national level CSIRTs in Europe. By strengthening individual tools and interconnecting them, the beneficiaries will achieve a new level of common situational awareness and they will benefit from shared knowledge and tooling.